About Us

Gehric Barreau founded GT Systems in 2014, with a genuine desire to help people with their personal and business-related IT challenges.

He has since worked with hundreds of clients UK-wide to provide business and home IT services, cloud management and remote technical support, and his diverse, loyal and returning customer base is down to his exceptional care and attention.

Gehric’s passion and natural talent for problem solving began when he was a child.

As a young boy, he would spend hours taking radios apart. Fascinated by the elements, he would take time tinkering, mending and learning how to reverse engineer them.

Over the years radios turned into computers, and what began as a hobby, became a career.

Gehric had worked his way up from IT assistant to senior management roles at The University of Northampton before taking redundancy and starting GT Systems.

Thriving from the variety of his clients’ needs and the fact that no two days are ever the same, he is proud to have been able to build the company around his own core values:

  • Excellence of service – going the extra mile to provide the best solutions possible 
  • Customer loyalty – building long-term, successful relationships that contribute to customers’ ongoing success
  • Expertise & Innovation – keeping up with trends and developments in IT, and making sure to understand client needs
  • Mutual gain – benefitting all 
  • Accountability – transparent working practices to engender customer confidence
  • Integrity – robust code of business ethics employed at all times

Gehric’s strong sense of community and desire to ‘give back’ means he also loves to support several local volunteering organisations, including Northampton’s only multicultural radio station, Inspiration FM.

If you need support with your personal or business IT challenges, and want the reassurance of a personal, professional approach, please get in touch