Cloud Solutions


Business Remote & Access Services

Office 365 integration of Azure, Sharepoint & other Office365 cloud-based services
VPN Access for secure connections to cloud and local services
24/7 phone support for a Virtual IT dept implementation
Mobile Office Solutions for increased productivity
Smartphone & Tablet Integration for a seamless sync to emails & files
Network Security – Firewalls, anti-virus/anti-spyware detection
Office 365 integration of Azure, Sharepoint & other Office365 cloud-based services

Backup & Prevention Solutions

Backup and Disaster Recovery continuously and reliably backs-up your on-premise data and systems to the Cloud where they can quickly be recovered in the event of a disaster.
Hosted Email protection preventing various kinds of spam, malware & viruses from being received. from entering your network while improving speed and ease of access for your people.
Network implementation of Firewalls, anti-virus/anti-spyware detection
24/7 Monitoring and Management – Guarantees complete integrity of your data. recovery planning and implementation

data centre blue

Data Centre Services

Data Protection – On-site and off-site data backup solutions, IT disaster recovery planning and implementation
Networks – LAN and wireless network design, installation and support
Productivity – Mobile Office Solutions, Office Email, Smartphone Integration
Network Security – Firewalls, anti-virus/anti-spyware detection
Consulting – Comprehensive technology needs-analysis services
Web Efficiency – Prevention of Adware & Malware while browsingDataCentre


Scalability – adjusting any subscriptions to suit your needs
Mobility – access the files you need anywhere you are over the internet
Savings – cut back on significant hardware and software purchase and maintenance
Security – gain confidence knowing your data is protected by military-grade security and encryption protocols
Support – enjoy unlimited and 24/7 management and support from a team of experts
Maintenance – Fully utilize virtual environment 24/7
Flexibility allowing easy scalability either up or down while reducing the cost of operation


User Quantiy


Additional Users


365 Office Premium

Remote Monitoring

Remote Desktop/Laptop Support

Printer & Mobile Support


£50 P/M


1 to 3 

9am - 8pm Weekdays

Saturday 9am - 1pm


Same Day 



£149 P/M


4 - 10 

24hrs Monday - Friday


4 Hours



£399 P/M


11 - 30

24/7 365 Days


4 Hours