Crypto Virus on the Rise

We have noticed a sudden spike of the new variant of the ransomware virus also known as Crypto Virus, once the virus is on your pc or server and running it will start encrypting all your important files i.e. Pictures, documents and in some case your backup files too. To unlock these files there are several website that could give you a key, but please be aware these author are getting better at this and a lot of the time these keys don’t work and you are left to pay the author a lot of money to send you a key and in these case doesn’t work

There are several safeguards that you could implement to mitigate the damage of this type of virus

  • Keep your antivirus up to date
  • Keep on top of all software updates
  • Make sure you have a backup solution in place and test it
  • Manual regular backup of the files
  • Use your free storage from Google and Microsoft to store a copy of your vital files

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