DJs United For Our NHS

Our May Bank Holiday Lockdown Festival went down a Stream…..

So pleased with the results, we raised over £1000 and over the 2 streams raised almost £5000 for the NHS so far, to donate visit our Just Giving Page

Our DJs united to support our NHS. They showed up and performed an amazing festival from their own homes.

It started from 7pm Friday until Sunday 10pm – 51 hours of non-stop music

Thank you to all front-line NHS workers, for fighting for us 

A special mention to the creator and organiser Ian Loveshack

Thank you to our Special DJ appearance James Haskell the English Rugby player

A special thought towards GT-Systems and Gehric Barreau for delivering the technical support and connecting, directing and mixing all the DJ’s to the stream and providing side by side technical support along the way

We live streamed on YoutubeTwitchFacebook & Mixcloud

It was all going on behind the scenes with magnificent teamwork – Thank you

Mark ManningChris GoingSarah ClarkeHamidGehricChris James, Mo for the Website, Chris From The Picturedrome, Natalee from The Roadmender, Suzie from The Old White HartMark Dean from InspirationFM Ryan Leivers, Murray and Kerry from

For more information, take a look &