O2 Outage – The Cause

During the 6th December 2018, O2 and many other operators than use the O2 network suffered major outages leaving millions of customers with no communications.

Many rumors started to spread saying the company’s networks have been hacked or compromised, O2 quiet quickly squashed that rumor saying that they were not hacked.

24 hours later a high proportion of the network is back up, what was the cause of this major incident, apparently, some Ericson equipment using a faulty version of the software had certificates that expired this rendered them not trustworthy and so security protocols kicked in and shut down the offending equipment.

Ericson has apologised to their customers saying most of the affected customers’ network services have been successfully restored. We are working closely with the remaining customers that are still experiencing issues.

So far 2 days later all seems to be back to normal.

O2 has kindly offered 2 days compensation for the 6th December interruptions.