Pitfalls to avoid while using online conferencing

Zoom, Skype, Teams, HouseParty, WebEx

We’ve been helping so many individuals and business setup for working at home that we came across so many pitfalls many users come across, so we have put together a sort of prerequisites for having a fault-free online video conference experience

  • There have been times where some users grabbed an old laptop that was lying in the cupboard, in a lot of those cases it is running an old or outdated operating system, always upgrade to the latest version. A computer with an outdated operation system highly vulnerable to viruses and malware as it is no longer supported
  • ·         Make sure your computer has the latest updates installed, even though it has just finished installing a current set, force the computer to look for more updates by going to the ‘Windows Update’ section and select check for updates and if there any install the updates, keep doing this until it says no more updates available
  • ·         Make sure your antivirus is up to date, like with the windows update above, force it to look for more updates. When this is completed it is always wise to run a full scan of the computers hard-drive
  • ·         Testing the audio, on some computers it may say there is a microphone already installed, to make sure you do have a microphone, and it is working, go into the settings sections of the conference software i.e. Zoom, Skype, Teams, HouseParty, WebEx, etc. and do an audio test. We recommend using a headset for this, a lot of headsets have a noise-canceling feature that will cut out any background noises, this makes your voice sound clearer for everyone to understand
  • ·         Test your webcam, similar to the audio in settings above, there is a section for this in your webcam program, check to see if you can see yourself in the box, some mobile users find themselves stuck in the vertical frame and can’t get the horizontal landscape aspect even though the phone is tilted, there is an option in the settings of the phone to unlock the aspect in the vertical aspect, uncheck this feature so both axis is available when the phone is tilted

A good thing to get into when you are not speaking is too “mute“your microphone, prevention of coughs, knocks, people in the background and worse of all, accidentally swearing.

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