Why do I have slow internet?!!

Here are a few examples of speed issues and what can be done when slow internet is driving you insane!

Going the distance

The distance you are from the telephone Exchange is the main factor of slow internet; sites like SamKnows can tell you how far you are by entering your postcode. Try to upgrade to a fibre connection if possible for the best speeds.

Timing is everything

The time of day can make a difference. Try using the internet at off peak times, 7pm – 9pm are the busiest times, and when people are online most.

No thanks, I’m just browsing

Some internet browsers will work faster but won’t necessarily work correctly on all sites. Other than Internet Explorer some other browsers such Firefox, Chrome, or Opera to name a few! Try using different browsers if you’re having issues.

Let’s connect

If your Wi-Fi router is not setup correctly to use the non-least channel, enter the router’s configuration and enable smart scan or manually select the least used channel. Read more about this online, however here is a great explanation to get you started!


Virus and Malware are always sending back data across the internet using up valuable bandwidth. Read our blog on how to protect yourself!

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