What’s happening in the world of Huawei

This week we have seen some unprecedented decision from the US government, specially targeting China’s biggest firm Huawei

The US has put Huawei on the black list of companies not to do business with, once the word got out Google released a statement saying that they will no longer support any of Huawei Android phone products, What does this mean for the consumer, Google is saying that there current line of Android mobile devices will still can continue to use the Google service and updates but any new products will not be licenced to use the full fledge version of Android Operating systems

Other US companies like Chip giants Intel & Qualcomm has followed in the banning of their relation with Huawei and because of this the share prices of Google and the Chip giants plummeted

As a consumer we hear what the US intelligent agency is saying and all we ask where is the prove, over the past 10 years plus Huawei products has been used in so many telecoms companies across the world and over that time there has not been 1 reported incident of DATA being breach and sent to the Chinese government, on the hand Cisco has been known on several times putting backdoors into their product from the request of the NSA

What will happen to Huawei, there has been rumours that Huawei will develop their own brand of the open source Android operating systems or just develop their own totally new operating systems

This is something that we need to keep an eye for, especially for US firms at the drop of a hat the US government can say to US companies you can’t deal with that company anymore with immediate effect failing to do so that company could face huge fines or suspension for trading outside of the US.

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