Huawei 6 weeks on

Wow!, so much has been going on, so this is the story so far, the US government has removed the restriction on Huawei products being brought and sold by US companies, all in all what can we decipher is that the whole banning of Huawei was not down to security issues but basically it was more like an economic balance policy trying to make US companies more attractable to the world, unfortunately Australia & New Zealand followed the United states and also banned all Huawei products while other western countries held off.

We think the some other reasons to restriction removal could be down to the 5G roll out, since Huawei has put in $billions of dollars into their R&D and has the majority of the 5G patents this has kept them 18 months ahead of their competition.

The lifting of the ban, US tech companies and seen a small rise in their market share price, but all of this has placed a second thought wanting to deal with them.

This is only a small snippet on what has been happening, this whole Huawei is so complicated and the banning has left this whole thing in a mess.