Picking the right laptop for University

As a parent seeing and having your child being accepted into university is fantastic news and yes as parents you want the best for them.

We look at where they live, what they drive and even what laptop they should have.

But in this blog, we will be talking about the laptop.

The first thing to consider is speed, on a windows type laptop I would consider an i5 to i7, with this you will have the processing power to coup with multiple functions without effecting base functionality too much.

Next on the list to consider is, what type of hard drive it should have, I highly recommended an SSD type drive; the older spinning disk type may have a huge capacity but unfortunately these drives are up to 10x slowly than there SSD counterpart, the advantages of SSD installed laptop is definitely speed, increased battery life and durability if the laptop is accidentally dropped.

Make and model at times may steer you in that direction, nowadays most laptops almost have identical insides with minor changes between them, so taking that into account we could go with the less well-known brand.

Finally, it boils down to how much should we spend on a laptop. Ideally wanting a laptop to last the duration of a university life or longer, but taking into account the traveling on campus, the knocks and scratches and a high risk of liquid damages due to late-night last-minute assignments. Should we spend £800+ on a single laptop or should we go out and spend half that and have some left for that just in case event.

If you are stuck to what to buy, just contact GT-Systems and we’ll steer you in the right direction, saving you money on the way.

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